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3BM-CAM 1520, Type B Water Licence renew (149286)
Proposal Status: Conformity Determination Issued
Project Overview
Type of application: New
Proponent name: Shah Alam
Company: CGS
Start Date: 2020-04-09
End Date: 2030-04-08
Operation Type: Annual
Project Description:
Current Licence 3BM- CAM 1520, Type B, issued by the Nunavut Water Board to the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay (owner) on April 10, 2015 for five (5) years with the expiry date April 09, 2020 to intake raw water and supply potable water after treatment, and deposition of sewage waste to designated facilities. The water treatment facility is closer to the community and raw water transport from intake PH about 1.5 km away from treatment plant through a buried line with reheating the raw water by a reheat station. The twin intake pumps operated by grid power line and heat trace inside the HDPE pipe collects water at depth about 2.7m below the water surface and directly feed into the water storage tank at the treatment plant. Raw water then feed into treatment terrain through chlorination followed by filtration (AdEdge filtration) and UV into the treated water storage tank, and treated water then truck fill from outside to delivery into household tanks by hamlet operated water trucks. Raw sewage deposits at the natural lake lagoon and decant sewage water annually into wetland using mechanical decanting pump through a perforated filtration structure. Sewage effluent water receives final polishing through the resources on wetland and sun light while flowing towards the final out point to Ocean water. Municipal house wastes and metal wastes deposit at the designated waste facilities. Annual cleanup and management reduce the waste volume on site and secure hazardous waste inside approved storage container, boxes and C-cans for shipping out as part of environmental compliance. The designated liner cells inside the metal dump uses as temporary storage of spills, contaminated soil, waste pints and similar hazardous substances. A separate facility for contaminated soil remediation runs by a private owner outside near the sewage lagoon. All the required documents for the renewal process are up-to-date including Annual Reports, as-built drawings, facilities operational O&M manuals, Spill contingency plan, CIRNAC inspection reports. The annual water intake remains within allowable limits of 86,200 m3 and per day limits. The community is increasing in terms of population, commercial businesses and offices each year, and therefore, increase of water intake and delivery is needed to an estimated quantity up to 94,000 m3 annually. The Licensee is requesting to the Board to increase the annual limits for the next 10 years with the renewal Licence. The water source (Water Lake) has enough catchment for watershed and will not overrun in water intake or an impact to the lake or upstream sources with this requested increase volume. The renewal Application will not include any new scope or any new facility, and therefore, it is a simple renewal request for another 10 years of the License.
Persons: 3
Days: 90
Project Map
List of all project geometries:
ID Geometry Location Name
6050 point New project geometry
Planning Regions:
Affected Areas and Land Types
Settlement Area
Project Land Use and Authorizations
Project Land Use
Temporary Structures
Licensing Agencies
NWB: Type B Licence
Other Licensing Requirements
No data found.
Material Use
Type Quantity Size Use
pump 2 20hp Intake pumps secured inside insulated HDPE pipe , connected with electrical heat trace are securely installed inside the water intake point of the lake sufficient below of water mark to keep safe against the frozen layer of snow on top.
Fuel Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
Diesel 1 693 Liters Diesel fuel tanks with 693 L (outside) capacity , double walled and connected with 19 mm HWR pipe to inside Day tank
Diesel 1 465 Liters Day tank, inside the building with capacity 465 L
Hazardous Material and Chemical Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
Sodium hypo chloride 40 20 Liters to add with water for bacteriological treatment .
Water Consumption
Daily Amount (m3) Retrieval Method Retrieval Location
256 twin intake system from Water Lake
Waste and Impacts
Environmental Impacts
No known impact to environment from waste deposition or disposal from the lagoon or into the waste facility.
Waste Management
Waste Type Quantity Generated Treatement Method Disposal Method
Combustible wastes 11600 m3 on-site burning, dozer and packer truck
Category: Application form attachment - License/ Authorization
Recieved: 2020-02-05
Originator: Shah Alam
Public Registry ID: 17247
Document Size: 5911.35 Kb
Category: Application related document - Conformity Determination Letter
Recieved: 2020-02-20
Originator: Peter Scholz
Public Registry ID: 17399
Document Size: 428.96 Kb