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Qikiqtaaluk Inshore Fisheries Research (149369)
Proposal Status: Conformity Determination Issued
Project Overview
Type of application: New
Proponent name: Jesslene Jawanda
Company: Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
Start Date: 2020-08-01
End Date: 2024-10-01
Operation Type: Annual
Project Description:
Phase 1, Completed by June-July 2020: Build research vessel and visit communities. In this phase, the research vessel was constructed by Kanter Marine. The technological equipment was ordered by the Marine Institute (project partner) and outfitted onto the vessel. In addition, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation will visit the first four communities where research is taking place (Sanikiluaq, Hall Beach, Igloolik and Cape Dorset). The community visit will result in hearing about the research needs of the communities, providing updates to them and discussing the operations of the research. The Coastal Resource Inventory and discussions with community members will direct the primary survey objectives for each of the communities. Phase 2, Completed by November 2020: Year I research will be completed for the 2 communities. This will be done in Cape Dorset and Sanikiluaq. This will provide the preliminary results to the capacity of the vessel in terms of how much work can be completed in a period of time. This will also be the first step in building the new framework of collaboration between industry, academia and the communities as each of the three collaborators will be heavily engaged in the project by this point. Building the relationships between the researchers, the community members assisting the research and Qikiqtaaluk Corporation will be on going. Qikiqtaaluk Corporation will document the challenges and the areas of mutual benefit to ensure that the relationships continue to be beneficial for all members involved. This will lay the foundation to the new framework of collaboration. Phase 3, Completed by January 2021: Reporting on the preliminary results will be sent to the partners involved and will be made available to the communities. The research plans for the next two communities will begin. The framework will have a foundation to work from based on the first two communities. Phase 4, Completed by March 2023: Annual community research will be completed for all four communities. Training community members in all four communities to assist with the research will be completed. The challenges and solutions that were overcome in the training will be documented and included in the new framework. Knowledge of the capacity of the vessel will be improved and taken into consideration for future work. Integration solutions for the technology onboard the vessel to work harmoniously will be documented in the reporting as well. Information will be disseminated through presentations made in upcoming conferences, to the communities and internally regarding the results of the research. 2.5.1 Covid-19 Pandemic At the present time it is anticipated that the in-shore fisheries research could be completed in a minimum of one Nunavut community provided that a non-resident critical services exemption is obtained from the Government of Nunavut and allowing the quarantine to occur in Newfoundland to allow the research vessel to enter Nunavut waters and land. Discussions are ongoing with the Government of Nunavut and the Chief Medical Officer. In addition, QC has prepared a strategy to prevent contact between the crew and the community members. This strategy involves the crew remaining on the vessel for the duration of the research. In addition, a no-contact drop off of supplies will be arranged with a community member to ensure necessary restocking can occur. The Chief Medical officer has indicated that as long as the crew members can remain on the vessel, no additional quarantine is necessary. 2.5.1 Deliverables 1.Evaluate operational efficiency of a retractable mount (arm) for the MBES and USBL positioning system 2.Evaluate operational efficiency of retractable Konrad stern drives on Cummins diesel engines 3.Evaluate operational efficiency of hydraulic tilting A-frame, including utility when deploying and retrieving heavy equipment from the stern of the vessel (e.g., towed video sled) 4.Evaluate operational efficiency of single port mounted bow thruster, including ability of thruster to assist with maintaining vessel on heading and stationary position 5.Evaluate operational efficiency of combination of wide beam stabilized catamaran, bow thruster, and winch equipped with steel cable Evaluate operational efficiency of catamaran with regard to effects of both heeling and wave-induced motion on MBES system data collection 6.Determine optimal cruising speed of MV Ludy Pudluk and fuel consumption to forecast transit times between Nunavut communities and between insular Newfoundland and Nunavut 7.Evaluate space on board MV Ludy Pudluk for storage of equipment and supplies and living space for 4-5 crew/researchers for three or more days 8.Provide bathymetric maps to aid in navigation in waters adjacent to study communities and along vessel tracks between study communities 9.Provide information on the pros and cons of utilizing community support vessels for research including feedback from Inuit participants on how the collaborative research program could be improved 10.Verify catamaran and state-of-the-art equipment can meet the needs of fishery resource assessments in Arctic waters 11.Work with Inuit community members to develop bottom contact commercial fishing gear that meets the current community vessel infrastructure needs and reduces environmental impact 12.Sea keeping trials will be conducted in collaboration with the NRC Institute for Ocean Technology, located in St. John’s, NL. 13.In absence of docking infrastructure in the Arctic, evaluate the efficiency of a plow-style anchor to maintain the vessel on position during overnight anchorage 14.Complete Research and prepare Research Reports
Persons: 4
Days: 14
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6367 point Kinngait
6412 point New project geometry
6413 point New project geometry
6414 point New project geometry
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Marine-Based Activities
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Waste and Impacts
Environmental Impacts
Marine areas will be surveyed with minimal disturbance occurring. Much of the survey will be completed with no-contact equipment such as cameras on a tow sled. A grab will be used to obtain bottom type samples.
Waste Management
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2020-06-03 15:24:04, from: Jesslene Jawanda
 The Project Map is not working. It is not allowing me to input latitude or longitude points or click the qikiqtani region'

2020-06-09 10:01:25, from: Goump Djalogue
 Good Morning, Could you please identify the autorizing agencies from which you will need a licence/permit for this project. e.g: DFO, Nunavut parks, NRI... whichever applicable. Thank you. Goump

2020-06-24 11:58:15, from: Goump Djalogue
 Hi , As discussed, could you please add the details of the research you are conducting, and can also attached any document that may provide more details of your project if you wish. Also please add the other locations on the map. Thanks, Goump