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Arcitc Haven Runway Overlay (149387)
Proposal Status: Conformity Determination Issued
Project Overview
Type of application: New
Proponent name: Aziz Kheraj
Company: 994458 Nunavut Limited
Start Date: 2021-06-01
End Date: 2025-10-15
Operation Type: Seasonal
Project Description:
Repair and upgrade existing runway at Arctic Haven Lodge to facilitate and accommodate our seasonal lodge operations along with the local aircraft charter company regulations. The current airstrip needs to be have gravel overlay and we would like to extend the overall length by about 800 ft over the next few years. The gravel needed for this work is about 500 cu mts. We will be essentially displacing the south west end of the airstrip, as it is currently much higher level than the North East end this using the material to extend the runway without taking material from another location. We will be using a dump truck, bull dozer, small excavator and compactor to transport and move the material. All the machinery used for this project is already located at Arctic Haven
Persons: 6
Days: 75
Project Map
List of all project geometries:
ID Geometry Location Name
6410 polyline Arctic Haven Airstrip location
Planning Regions:
Affected Areas and Land Types
Settlement Area
Keewatin Planning Region
Project Land Use and Authorizations
Project Land Use
Tourism Activities
Tourism Activities
Licensing Agencies
NIRB: Screening Decision Report
INAC: Class A Land Use Permit
Other Licensing Requirements
No data found.
Material Use
Type Quantity Size Use
Bull dozer 500 Cu MTS Move gravel and sand
Fuel Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
No records found.
Hazardous Material and Chemical Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
No records found.
Water Consumption
Daily Amount (m3) Retrieval Method Retrieval Location
0 No waterway is being displaced for this project
Waste and Impacts
Environmental Impacts
No flaura or fauna is being harmed or displaced for this project. We are only extending the current airstrip by 800 ft. Wildife does not live in the area were we will be extending the airstrip. All the workers will be using the Arctic Haven Lodge facilities while working on this project. Sewage, greywater and other human waste is all managed under the lodge.
Waste Management
Waste Type Quantity Generated Treatement Method Disposal Method
No data found.
Category: Application related document - Conformity Determination Letter
Recieved: 2020-06-25
Originator: Peter Scholz
Public Registry ID: 17867
Document Size: 280.79 Kb
2020-06-22 21:12:17, from: Peter Scholz
 Hello, thank you for your application. Are you able to provide the original NPC determination and/or NIRB screening dates or file numbers? Also please list CIRNAC as the landowner.

2020-06-23 15:59:30, from: Aziz Kheraj
 Hello Peter, Yes the original NPC determination has the file number 148478. That file number is under Richard Weber's account.


Environmental Protection:
s2.4.9: The applicant undertakes to prevent any new occurances of pollution, garbage and contamination at the site of the development.

Removal of Fuel Drums:
s2.4.9: The applicant undertakes to remove all drums safely from the site and dispose of the drums in a safe manner.

New Site Restoration and Clean Up:
s2.4.15 and Appendix 2,s1: The applicant undertakes to clean up the site and restore the site to its natural condition to the greatest extent possible.

Old Site Restoration and Clean Up:
s3.13.2: The applicant undertakes to clean up the site and restore the site to its original condition to the greatest extent possible, including any work required due to the applicant's action prior to this application.

Low Level Air Flights:
s5.4.4 and Apendix 2, s3: Will the applicant avoid low-level flights?

Caribou Protection Measures:
s2.4.6 and Appendix 3: Will the applicant comply with the Caribou Protection Measures outlined in section 2.4.6 and in Appendix 3?

Caribou Water Crossings:
Will the applicant avoid, between May 15 and September 1, to construct any camp, cache any fuel or conduct s2.4.6 and map: any blasting within 10 km of any Designated Caribou Water Crossing identified

Reporting of Archaeological Sites:
s4.4.3 and Appendix 3, s2 and s8: Will the applicant immediately report the discovery of all suspected archaeological sites to the Government of Nunavut?

Game Sanctuary:
s2.4.1: Is the project proposal located, in whole or in part, within the Thelon Game sanctuary?

Bird Sanctuary:
s2.4.1: Is the project proposal located, in whole or in part, within the Mc Connell River Migratory Bird Sanctuary, the Harry Gibbons Migratory Bird Sanctuary or, the East Bay Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Southern Southampton Island and Coats Island:
s3.4.5: Is the project proposal located, in whole or in part, in southern Southampton Island and Coats Island?
If yes, does the project proposal involve hydrocarbon exploration?
Municipal Lands:
s1.4.3: Is the project located, in whole or in part, within municipal boundaries?


New Land Use:
Does the project proposal involve a new type of land use never engaged in before in the region?

Code of Good Conduct for Land Users:
Appendix 2: The applicant undertakes to adhere to the Code of Good Conduct at all times.