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F-150 Recovery (149804)
Proposal Status: Conformity Determination Issued
Project Overview
Type of application: New
Proponent name: Emil Grímsson
Company: Arctic Trucks Polar
Start Date: 2022-08-15
End Date: 2023-03-31
Operation Type: Seasonal
Project Description:
Arctic Trucks Polar lost an F-150 truck through the ice near the Tasmanian Islands on 23 March 2022. The project is about the recovery of the truck and shipping it south on sealift retrograde. A small team consisting of approximately seven people including two experienced arctic drivers will float the truck using air bags and secure it on the island. The truck would be airlifted by helicopter to Taloyoak and then delivered by sealift to Montreal. The team would then leave the site after making sure that it is left in pristine condition. At this moment it is estimated that the team will be on site for approximately 3 days. A film crew of 3 has been added to the original submission. Should the airlift of the truck cannot take place for weather, mechanical or other issue, it will be secured to the island and removed by one of the NEAS ship returning south. Should this fail the it will be removed over surface in early 2023. The truck will be sitting on a tarp and absorbent material to capture any leaks.
Persons: 10
Days: 3
Project Map
List of all project geometries:
ID Geometry Location Name
9098 point Location of submerged truck
9099 polygon Tasmania Islands
Planning Regions:
Affected Areas and Land Types
Inuit Owned Surface Lands
Settlement Area
Project Land Use and Authorizations
Project Land Use
Marine-Based Activities
Marine-Based Activities
Site Cleanup/Remediation
Licensing Agencies
KitIA: Land Use Licence I
Other Licensing Requirements
No data found.
Material Use
Type Quantity Size Use
Generator 1 1850W/2500W Gasoline Powered Generator to support power tools and air pump to inflate balloons to float the sunk vehicle
Winch electric 1 12 V 3000 pounds The winch will be used to pull the floating vehicle to the shore where it will be anchored to the island
Compressor 1 6 gallons The compressor will be used to inflate balloon that will float the vehicle to the surface.
Power drill 2 Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit, 1.3Ah Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit to be able to drill an anchor to secure the truck to the island. The drill could be used to dismantle part of the truck if need be.
Helicopter 1 Super Puma The Super Puma will deploy the recovery team. It will then sling load the truck to Taloyoak for retrograde on sealift. It will then extract the recovery team.
zodiac inflatable boat and engine 1 11 foot The zodiac will be used to support the diving operation to float the truck. It will have a 20hp engine
Fuel Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
Gasoline 2 20 Liters to power the zodiac engine , generator and compressor for diving operations
Hazardous Material and Chemical Use
Type Container(s) Capacity UOM Use
No records found.
Water Consumption
Daily Amount (m3) Retrieval Method Retrieval Location
0.1 Collection of pond water on the island Tasmania Islands
Waste and Impacts
Environmental Impacts
The project is a very small operations that will be short in duration. No spills are anticipated. All waste produced by the personnel for camp facilities will be lifted out of the site.
Waste Management
Waste Type Quantity Generated Treatement Method Disposal Method
Non-Combustible wastes Less than 100 pounds Not required All garbage will be collected and airlifted out
Category: Application form attachment - Other Authorizations
Recieved: 2022-07-08
Originator: Pierre Leblanc
Public Registry ID: 20518
Document Size: 28.61 Kb
Category: Application related document - Equipment
Recieved: 2022-07-18
Originator: Solomon Amuno
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2022-06-13 15:46:56, from: Pierre Leblanc
 Dan Coombs, Senior Fisheries Biologist, Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has indicate in his email of 13 June 2022 that DFO does not require an authorization for this project. How do I provide this information on the Land Use & Licensing?

2022-06-14 13:09:39, from: Pierre Leblanc
 We are in the process of applying for a land use permit with the KIA

2022-06-14 13:10:01, from: Pierre Leblanc
 We are in the process of applying for a land use permit with the KIA

2022-06-16 16:36:15, from: Pierre Leblanc
 We had a discussion with KIA to discuss completion of their application. It was recommended to complete our application with the NPC

2022-06-21 09:53:24, from: Pierre Leblanc
 We have applied for a land use permit with the KIA. We have tried to update the tab on Land Use without success